Request your free HIV Home Testing kit

Knowing your HIV Status is the first step in accessing treatment

If you are an Indiana resident and are interested in receiving a free HIV home testing kit, please answer the questions below and submit your responses. We will then ship your request.  If we need anything further, we will reach out to you at the e-mail provided. If you would like to add naloxone to your request, please watch the training video below before submitting your request.

    Question 1 - Who do you call either immediately before or after administering Naloxone?

    Question 2 - What are the signs of overdose?

    Question 3 - What do you do if the person does not respond to the first dose of Naloxone within 2-3 minutes?

    Question 4 - What position should you lay individuals in, after administering Naloxone?

    Question 5 - How many kits do you need?

    Question 6 - How did you hear about us?

    Question 7 - Do you need safe use supplies?

    Please provide your name and mailing address should be used to ship your Naloxone and or supplies?